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What content is on the real estate exam?

I’m assuming by the time you are reading this, you have already taken your real estate licensure courses so you should have an overall glimpse of what topics you will find on your real estate exam.

So once you are qualified to take the real estate exam it’s time to hammer home what you will find on the test.

Now, you can go to any State’s real estate exam commission and they will have an “official” breakdown of what % of the exam is each topic.

Here at Real Estate Exam Ninja, we don’t want vague, we want to nail this baby down to a 3% margin of error so we know exactly what to study and how much time to dedicate to each section.

To accomplish this, we survey all of our students after they pass their real estate exam so we know not only what is on the exam but we also know how much of each section is on the exam.

Here is our latest breakdown as of 2020


Overall, your best course of action is to utilize our real estate exam prep to guarantee you pass.

How Many Questions Are on the Real Estate Exam?

There will be approximately 80 questions on the national portion of the real estate exam. In almost all States, you will need to answer 56 questions (70%) to pass.


The Alabama Real Estate Commission administers the real estate exam via AMP. You can download everything you will need for the Alabama Real Estate Exam from this link.

The Alaska Real Estate Commission administers the real estate exam via Pearson Vue. This link has everything they want you to know about the real estate exam in Alaska.

In this article we discuss everything you need to know about getting your real estate license in Colorado and how you can use this practice real estate test to become a real estate agent.