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Do you plan on being a licensed real estate agent in Louisiana? You’re in luck because we’re here to guide you!
Getting your real estate license seems like a challenge, and obtaining a Louisiana real estate license is no stranger to the difficult task ahead. Luckily, we’ve come up with easy to follow steps to help guide you throughout the process.
Are you excited to finally have the coveted Louisiana real estate license? Keep on reading, and you’ll be on your way to getting your license.

Step 1: Check all your pre-qualification requirements

Your journey towards becoming a licensed real estate salesperson or estate broker begins by checking all your pre-qualification requirements. Before you’re able to take the licensing exam, you must accomplish pre-qualification requirements. Here’s what you must accomplish before taking the Louisiana licensing exam.

General Qualifications

The Louisiana real.estate commission located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, promotes progressive education course programs and lists down general qualifications to qualify as an estate broker.
Proper age and education
First, you need to be at least 18-years old at the time of your application. At that time, you must also show you’ve at least received your high school diploma or an equivalent degree.
No criminal record
The Louisiana real estate commission will also do a background check on you, especially your criminal records. You don’t want to have any prior arrests or convictions because it might set you back from obtaining your broker license.
If you have a prior record, your next step is to ask permission from the Louisiana Real Estate Commission to let you take the licensing exam.

Real Estate Broker Sponsor

A crucial step to pre-qualifying for the exam is finding a real estate broker who will sponsor you. This is crucial if you’re applying for a job in the State of Louisiana. This may take some time, but it’s very doable.
Similar to how you apply for a job, you need to check out job listings in your State and send out resumes to these brokers. Some might call you in for an interview, while the others you might not even hear from.
Be patient, and keep sending out your resume until you find someone to help and sponsor you.
Benefits of having a sponsor
You might be wondering why you need a sponsor in the early stages of your application, and the answer is simple.
First, you’ll have someone, and a professional real estate salesperson for that matter, to help you throughout the process of obtaining your license. It makes your job much easier, and you’ll even have a place to work in after passing the exam.
Finally, your sponsors can help with your continuing education. They can offer scholarships and do whatever it takes to make sure you’re ready for the licensing exam and the industry.

Pre-Licensing Education

The State of Louisiana requires every person desiring to be a real estate agent to complete at least 90 hours of subjects relating to real estate.
Each applicant must know Louisiana real estate license laws, principles, practices, among others.
You must also check other courses that the Louisiana Real Estate Commission recommends that you take.
Luckily, there’s a ton of places where you can earn merits for your courses. You can even enroll with your local community college, as long as you complete 90 hours at the minimum!
If you’re having a hard time looking for a place suited for you, the Commission has some recommended sites in the State of Louisiana.

License Application

Once you’ve accomplished all the above-given tasks, it’s time to apply for your license finally!
You’ll need to prepare a $90 fee and mail it together with your application to the Louisiana Real Estate Commission, PO Box 14785, Baton Rouge, LA 70898-4785.
You’ll also need to register an account with the Lousiana REC online management system to obtain an ID. Your ID is a required step to track your progress before you receive your real estate license number.
Once the real estate license commission approves your application, you’ll receive an examination authorization form!

Step 2: Take the Louisiana Real Estate Licensing Exam

Exam Schedule

After receiving your examination authorization form, it’s time to schedule your exam. You must submit all documents and fees necessary for the licensing exam to have your schedule confirmed.
The form has a validity of up to 90 days from the date of issuance, so make sure to schedule your exam within that period. The State of Louisiana also doesn’t allow anyone to walk in and take the exam.
There are different exam sites in the State of Louisiana where you can take the exams, so be sure to check this out a day or two before your exam.
Rescheduling an exam
In case you have an emergency, or similar reasons to attend to, make sure to notify the real estate commission.
Louisiana allows you to reschedule your exam, as long as you give them at least two full business days’ notice before your exam schedule. They’ll refund your fee, and you can communicate with them about your next availability.

Exam Preparation

You must be prepared to take the licensing exam, and this only comes when you’ve done all the hard work for it. It might seem like a daunting task, but it’s not impossible to overcome.
Study the outline
Luckily, the salesperson license exam comes with an overview to guide you for your review. The outline comprises various topics to prepare for, and it’s a great study aid.
Using the outline makes sure you don’t miss out on any subject matter, making the exam an easy task for you.
Prepare for the exam
The broker license exam requires that you at least get a 70% and 73% on the national and state portion of the exam, respectively, to earn your real estate license in Louisiana.
You might need to dedicate one to three hours of your days to prepare for the exam, but this makes sure you’re continually learning and avoid cramming later on.
The exam will cover a total of 135 questions, comprised of two sections: national & state section. You’ll have 105 minutes to complete the national portion and 75 minutes for the state portion. Overall, a score equal to or higher than 75% is required to pass.
Review with your peers
If you and your peers plan on taking the real estate salesperson license exam together, reviewing and preparing as a team is always a great idea.
You can exchange ideas and answers together, learning from one another. More importantly, learning with your peers also helps in retaining the information better.
You can also ask your sponsor to help you with your review. Since they’re knowledgeable about Louisiana real estate topics, they’ll be able to answer your questions accurately.
They might also be able to give you tips on how to solve the exam and guarantee your real estate license.

Take the Exam

The day has finally come when you must take the exam. You’ll probably feel nervous at this point, but that’s okay. Remember, you’ve worked hard for this day, and you’ve made a ton of preparations!
It’s always a good idea to arrive an hour early for the exam and prepare all the necessary documents.
Once the exam starts, take your time to answer the questions. Remember all the things you’ve studied. Breathe and most of all, do your best!

Receive Your Scores

Once you’re done with the exam, you can expect to see your scores immediately.
Passing the exam
People are always looking forward to the celebrations after passing the real estate license exam.
Before that, make sure to get errors and omissions insurance. You’ll need to present this to your broker before they can sponsor you.
Omissions insurance usually covers you and your employer in case you make any error during your employment.
Although omissions insurance sounds like an unfamiliar concept, many insurance companies can provide you with it.
Once you’re done, you’ll be glad to know that your Louisiana real estate sponsor will have you in their team!
Make sure to present them with your passing marks, as well as your omissions insurance.
Getting a failing mark
Nobody wants to fail the salesperson license exam, primarily because of the hard work involved.
There’s always room to grow, so you’ll receive a copy of a diagnostic report showing what topics you should improve on.

Step 3: Continue Learning

Never stop learning about the real estate industry, even after passing the exam.
Louisiana requires you to complete at least 45 hours of post-license education within 180 days of passing the exam. Luckily, there’s a ton of options on how to complete the hours.
Even without the mandatory requirement of continuing education, it always pays to be informed of any updates about the industry.

Final Notes

Enjoy your salesperson or broker license, and welcome to the pool of real estate agents in Louisiana.
Don’t be intimidated when you hear Louisiana’s real estate license. Louisiana is an excellent place for you to be a real estate agent. Your license can unlock a ton of opportunities for you, helping you achieve all your goals.
But remember, make sure to use your license wisely.

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