New Jersey Real Estate Practice Exam

Here is are some practice questions you’ll find on your New Jersey Real Estate Exam.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is on The Real Estate Exam In New Jersey?

You will find many terms, math, real estate vocabulary and questions specific to New Jersey on the real estate exam.

Every State has a portion of the exam that is specific to that State, New Jersey is no different.

We have consulted with the NJ Real Estate Commission and have identified all the exam factors.


Everyone’s Favorite – Math

I would give anything if I had $1 every time a student brought up the math portion of the real estate exam being the hardest.


So, let’s knock this conversation out first.


The good news, only 9% to 11% of the test has real math questions. 


And to be honest, most real estate math is not very hard. In fact, I would guess half of it is on a 3rd-grade level.

For example, a real test question you will have will be something like “What is the area of a room that is 15 feet wide by 25 feet long.?”


If you don’t know the answer is 375 square feet you have some big problems.


Third,  my favorite thing about math on the New Jersey Real Estate Exam is that you see all the answer options (multiple choice) so you can “back in” to the answers!


For example, take a very simple question: “A house has 1,500 square feet sells for $65,000.”

What was the sale price per square foot?”


The New Jersey Exam gives you four possible answers:



Let’s imagine you have no clue how to calculate this. So just take the first answer: $38.70 and you know the house has 1,500 square feet, so $38.70 x 1500 = $58,050—so that is obviously the wrong answer. 


We know this because the question tells us how much it sold for…$65,000.


Now, all you have to do is repeat this process for every answer and you will find that the correct exam answer is D.


 So even if we didn’t know how to solve this New Jersey real estate exam problem, we can still calculate the correct response by backing into it like shown above.


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Why do Free Practice Real Estate Exams help You Study?

Do you remember in your New Jersey high-school when you had to study for your SAT or ACT exams? How did you study for those? Practice tests are the best way to hammer all the important topics into your head. The bottom line, it just works.


How many questions are on the NJ real estate exam?

The New Jersey Real Estate Exam has 100 questions that cover all the topics you can find in our member section. 


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It may come as a shock that the pass rate for the real estate exam is only 63%.


Most of the test takers pass the New Jersery state specific portion of the exam, but have a lot of problems on the national portion due to the amount of memorization and vocabulary needed.


A silver living is that out of the 37% of people who do not pass the first time almost always pass the 2nd time after they have taken a real estate exam prep (like we offer here at Real Estate Exam Ninja

What Should You Do If You Don't Pass The New Jersey Real Estate Exam?

Seriously. Stop freaking out. It is very normal to need to take the New Jersery real estate exam multiples times. Remember, four out of every ten people fail!


When you are five years into your career, do you think you will care if you passed the fifth time or the first time?


Of course not.