Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Questions Are On The Real Estate Exam?

Although this varies by State, typically there are 110 questions on the real estate exam. The questions are multiple choice and exatly like you will find in our membership section.

How Can I Pass My Real Estate Exam?

Real Estate Exam Ninja should be the backbone of all of your real estate exam prep. You should spend at least 1 hour per day for a month if you are taking this exam seriously. 

How Can Real Estate Exam Ninja Help Me Study?

Real Estate Exam Ninja has been finely tuned over the course of our 20 year existence. Our material comes from prior instructors, interviews with prior and current students and interviews with prior employees of the National Association of Realtors. We work our butt off to get you the most up-to-date practice questions.

How Much Is A Real Estate Exam?

These outfits love to “nickle and dime” you a death. Your exam fee is normally around $50 but you will also be responsible for background checks and your application fee.

What Is The Best Real Estate Exam Prep?

There are many providers to choose from and not all of their material is bad per say, What we can tell you is that many of our users do not come to us first, but they do come to us last after trying other providers. Real Estate Exam Ninja is committed to your success.

Can I Take The Real Estate Exam Multiple Times?

Absolutely!  Each time you retake any of the tests, the questions and options will automatically shuffle into a different order. Random ordering is a proven learning method.

How Long Should I Study For The Real Estate Exam?

One of the biggest mistakes we see our students make is not putting in the work. They buy our program, open at a few times and often study less than an hour. If you study our material 30 minutes per day for one month, it is impossible to fail.

What Score Do You Need To Pass The Real Estate Exam?

A minimum score of 70 is needed to pass, but since your test score is a reflection of your predicted performance, many strive for much higher scores.

Where Do These Test Questions Come From?

These questions resemble those on the Real Estate Exam. We designed them to simulate the real exam provided by the National Association of Realtors. Our questions come from experts in the field, prior students, instructors and in-house.

How Do I Prepare For The Real Estate Exam?