Florida Real Estate License – How to Become an Estate Agent

Florida Real Estate License - How to Become an Estate Agent

Getting a real estate license in Florida is not easy – the Florida real estate exam is difficult, yet the pass rate is around 50-60% at first attempt.Obtaining a real estate license in Florida requires a lot of studying, research, and test-taking, but here we’re going to walk you through the process from start to finish.The average salary for a real estate agent in Florida is around $88,072. That’s a very reasonable salary, especially if you have a passion for Floridian real estate.So without further ado, let’s take a quick look at Florida realtors licensing requirements.

Florida Real Estate License Requirements

Not everyone can qualify for a real estate broker license – you need to meet some criteria. Here is a full list of requirements in order to be eligible for Florida realtor license:
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Have a High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Have a US Social Security Number
  • Must submit complete application, fingerprints and $89 fee
  • Complete 63 hours of approved instruction in the last 2 years
  • Pass the Florida real estate licensing exam

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Florida

Becoming a realtor in Florida has several steps and hoops you need to jump through. For instance, you need to complete the pre-licensing course and 63 hours of approved instruction before getting your license, and that’s before you study for your examination! The process is designed to test your skills as a realtor in a variety of ways.The process of becoming a realtor in Florida can be broken down into 4 main steps:
  1. Complete the pre-licensing course
  2. Submit your license application
  3. Pass your licensing exam
  4. Activate your realtor license

Step by Step Guide for Obtaining a Real Estate License in Florida

Here we’re going to walk you through the main steps for obtaining a real estate license in Florida. From pre-licensing to supervised instruction and 3.5-hour examinations, there are many steps to the process. If you persevere and work hard, you’ll get your Florida real estate broker license in no time.Below we’ll go through the steps and give you an idea of what you can expect to go through during the process.

1. Complete the Pre-Licensing Course

The main pre-licensing course is a 63-hour course which can be completed online or in-person at a school. During the course, you’ll learn about several facets of real estate, from insurance coverage to factors affecting the price of a property. There are lots of intricate legal terms to remember, so it can be tricky for some.You might also take a sample Florida real estate exam during this 63-hour course, giving you an idea of what to expect from the real exam. From appraiser’s fees to insurance policies, your real estate knowledge will be truly put to the test.

2. Submit License Application

Once you’ve completed the 63-hour course, you can submit your real estate broker license application for consideration. To do this, you need to meet certain criteria. For example, you must be 18 years of age and have a valid US Social Security Number to apply for the license.You must also meet other criteria, such as having a High School Diploma (or equivalent). Applicants must also be fingerprinted and pay a non-refundable $89 fee to submit their application. Obviously, you must also pass the real estate exam and prove your knowledge of the industry successfully.

3. Pass the Licensing Exam

The test is very long (3 and a half hours) so there’s no need to rush – you have plenty of time to answer every question and take toilet breaks.To pass the real estate licensing exam, you need to score 70% or more. If you fail the test, you can take a second attempt 30 days after the original (and up to 1 year after the original test). Keep in mind that the second test will be different from the first one.If you fail a second time, you will need to start the entire 63-hour course again in order to get tested again.

4. Activate Your Realtor License

Once you’ve completed the pre-licensing course, met the requirements, and passed your exam, it’s time to activate your realtor license and begin your exciting new career in one of the world’s most prosperous industries! You need to activate the license through a Florida licensed real estate broker or owner/developer.At this time, you might also want to consider joining the National Association of REALTORS®. This longstanding national trade association is dedicated to safeguarding the real estate industry and offering advice and protections to real estate brokers and sales agents in states all across the US.

How Hard is the Florida Real Estate Exam?

Generally speaking, the pass rate for the Florida real estate exam is between 50-60%. By comparison, the average driving test pass rate is 45.8% in the US. So while the test may be difficult and meticulous, you will be able to pass it if you prepare and study accordingly.There are many resources you can use to help pass your exam, such as completing a sample exam before you appear for the actual test. Mock exam questions and full past papers are easy to find online or through training providers. While the questions will always be different, it’s helpful to test your knowledge by attempting sample exams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is real estate a good career in Florida?

Yes, it is a great career. The average real estate agent in Florida makes $88,072 per year. The average personal income in the US is around $31,000, so a real estate agent in Florida could be making more than twice the national average salary.

How much does it cost to become a real estate agent in Florida?

You must pay a licensing fee of $89, an exam fee of $36.75, and then tuition and fingerprinting fees which vary according to the course package and the school you use. Generally speaking, the cost will normally be somewhere between $250 – $400 overall.

Can you take the Florida real estate exam online?

No, you must take the exam in-person under examination conditions. You may be able to complete most of the course online, but the exam itself must be taken in person at a designated time and place.

Can you use a calculator on the real estate exam in Florida?

There is a part of the real estate exam which is dedicated to math questions – yes, you can use a calculator for this section of the exam. However, the calculator must be silent, non-programmable, and battery-powered. You cannot use your smartphone as a calculator, for example.

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