How To Get A Real Estate License In Arizona

Acquiring an Arizona real estate license may seem like a daunting task when taken at face value. While there is a proper procedure to follow, many people have aced the Arizona real estate exam and have taken their career to the next level. This makes it a very achievable goal that anyone with enough interest in getting their real estate license can follow through on. Here is the best way to go about getting your Arizona real estate license in the quickest amount of time.

What do the requirements look like in Arizona?

The most basic requirement for any real estate license is to be at least 18 years of age. You must also be a legal citizen of the United States. The next requirement is a bit more subjective. You must prove to the Arizona real estate commission that you are a character of good moral standing. While that could mean something different to every person, the general rule of thumb is to be friendly and professional to everyone you meet. It also helps to not have anything major on your criminal record.If you do have anything on your criminal record, you must disclose it before taking the Arizona real estate exam. You may be denied depending on the severity of your prior infractions. Anyone who is currently on probation may want to wait until it is over before attempting to earn your real estate license. Active probation will significantly reduce your chances of being accepted. Finally, you will need to disclose if you ever failed the Arizona real estate exam before. Be prepared to share the results of any exam you took in any other state as well.

What are the educational requirements of the Arizona Real Estate Commission?

Before you can get your Arizona real estate license, you will need to prove that you’ve finished high school. Next, you will need a minimum of 75 hours of real estate training. You can receive the training from any school that is approved by the Arizona Real Estate Commission. There is a bevy of information online about which schools and classes are most beneficial to take.Once you have passed the initial requirements, you are free to take the Arizona real estate exam. If you pass the exam, then you will receive your real estate license after final board approval. Once you have the license, it may be revoked at any time. Always be sure to abide by the rules, and remain in good standing with the Arizona Real Estate Commission so you never lose your license.You may also opt to take the real estate broker exam. This requires an additional 150 hours of specific training. The first part entails 90 hours of a general real estate course. Then, there are two 30 hour programs that teach you how to run an office and keep your agency ethical. Before you can claim your broker’s license, you will need to have three years of experience as a real estate salesperson.

How long does it take to get an Arizona real estate license?

Most people start the process and acquire their licenses in roughly one year. It can be much faster or slower depending on your unique situation. As stated above, you need to spend at least 75 hours on educational coursework. This can be completed in a few short weeks or stretched out slowly across several months. Once your education is complete, then you have one year to prepare for and pass the exam.The Arizona real estate exam is administered several times per year. You can check for the closest exam date, and plan to have your studies complete by then. If you have a bit of extra time before the next exam, you can enroll in a special course that helps you prepare.

Are there any additional prerequisites?

Everyone who acquires a real estate license in Arizona needs to submit their fingerprint as well. Before you can submit your fingerprint, you need to become sponsored by a licensed real estate broker. Many brokers are happy to sponsor anyone who takes the initiative to ask them. This is one of the last things you need to do when completing your real estate application. All submitted applications must have proof of fingerprint to get approved. Just be sure to have the completed application submitted well before your one-year deadline. This helps ensure your application will be looked before it is too late.

Arizona real estate exam

The exam itself is pretty straightforward. Many applicants pass it on their first try. As long as you take your studies seriously, you should be able to pass it with flying colors. If you need any additional help, you can find tons of practice exams online that will help you gauge your performance. Once you pass the exam, get your fingerprint submitted as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to get a real estate license in Arizona?

There are several fees you must pay to complete an application. The good news is that it is a rather small investment when you consider how large your salary can grow as you progress in your career. A salesperson will pay $160 for their initial license. Then, it only costs $100 to renew it yeah year. If you are becoming a broker, you will need to pay $270. Then, it costs $200 each time you must renew your license. The fingerprinting fees are $66 on average. Finally, the standard background check will charge $70 on most occasions. As you can see, it only costs a few hundred dollars to get the ball rolling.

Online Real Estate Schools in Arizona

If you can’t commute to a physical school, tons of online real estate schools can train you. You will get the same education as anyone who attends a traditional classroom. Online schools work closely with the Real Estate Commission to provide everything you need to pass the current year’s exam. You can also stick with the same online school when it comes time to renew your license. They offer all the continuing education credits you need to keep your license up to date.


Although getting an Arizona real estate license may seem daunting at first, it is much easier than you may think. The process is very straightforward, and there are tons of resources to help you every step of the way. You can have your license, and get hired in your first position roughly a year after you start the process. This is much quicker and certainly more affordable than going after a four-year degree. Since real estate is always changing hands, you will find no shortage of work in the industry.

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