Arizona Real Estate Practice Exam

Here are some actual questions you’ll find on your 2024 Arizona Real Estate Exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Study For The Arizona Real Estate Exam

Let’s assume that you do understand the best way to pass your test is to fully understand the material provided.
So…how do we do that?

  1. Take real estate practice exams over the course of 1-3 months depending on your knowledge level.
  2. Watch YouTube videos of real estate exam prep teachers. They are awesome and they are free! I have some but there are many great ones.
  3. Memorize all the real estate vocabulary. This should be common sense, but make flashcards and just go over them until you know them all.

How many exam questions are on the Arizona Real Estate Test?

We have interviewed Pearson Vue and the Arizona Department of Real Estate  (as well as reviewing their candidate handbook),there are a total of 180 multiple-choice questions on the Arizona Real Estate Exam. According to the Arizona Department of Real Estate, all test takers have a total of 315 minutes to take the test at one of the approved testing centers.

Is the Arizona Real Estate Exam hard?

If I told you there was a test in existence that only 65% of people pass, would you say that is probably a hard exam? Probably so!
Surprise, that is the shocking pass rate of people attempting to pass the real estate exam in Arizona.

The good news is, the people passing the real estate exam are using a real estate exam test prep (like us!) and their pass rate goes to 92%.


how much is the Arizona real estate exam?

For each attempt at the Arizona Real Estate Exam, you are expected to pay $75 ( Broker is $125)


What Questions Are On The Arizona Real Estate Exam?

 If you review the real estate exam person candidate guide located on the Arizona Department Of Real Estate website, they list the following. We often conduct exit interviews with our prior students to confirm what questions are on the Arizona R.E. Exam as well as insure the below is accurate. The screenshot was taken from their website.

1. Real Estate Statutes – 18 Questions

2. Commissioners Rules – 14 Questions

3. Agency Relationships and Managerial Duties – 13 Questions

4.Contracts & Contract Law – 10 Questions

5. Property Interests, Estates and Tenancies – 11 Questions

6. Government Rights In Real Property – 5 Questions

7. Income Tax Aspects Of Real Estate – 2 Questions

8.Arizona Water Law – 6 Questions

9. Environmental Law – 6 Questions

10. Land Descriptions – 5 Questions

11. Land Development – 3 Questions

12. Cumbrances  – 4 Questions

13. Transfer Of Title – 7 Questions

14. Escrow & Settlement – 4 Questions

15.  Fair housing & ADA – 4 Questions

16. Leases & Leasehold Estates – 8 Questions

17.  Arizona Landlord Act – 6 Questions

18. Property Management – 7 Questions

19. Property Insurance – 2 Questions

20. Appraisal – 4 Questions

21. Primary Markets – 5 Questions

22. Real Estate Math –  12 Questions

23. Other (Random) – 18 Questions

What Score Do I Need On The Arizona Real Estate Exam To Pass?

Thankfully, the questions on the Arizona Real Estate Exam are weighted equally. That means, if you are stronger in vocabulary, you can mess up a bit on the math (or vise versa). The exam has a time limit of just over 5 hours to complete. You will need a score of 75% or higher to pass the Arizona Real Estate Exam. 

If you have any questions or need some help passing your real estate exam, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.