Real Estate Exam Flashcards (Free Sample Below)

What what do the real estate exam flashcards cover?

Welcome to the Real Estate Exam Ninja! We are so excited to offer you a free sample of our flashcards. Below, you will find 129 FREE Flashcards for you to study. If you like the material, we welcome you to join our  ​premium material here which has over 700 flashcards!​​​

Our member only section covers the following:

  • Real Property & The Law
  • Fair Housing
  • Forms of Real Estate Ownership
  • Contracts
  • Liens
  • Property Management & Leases
  • Appraisal & Investments
  • Many other topics included!

Why flash cards work...

Flash cards are an age-old method for improving real estate students’ abilities to recall specific information and understand real estate concepts.  Studies show that students who use flashcards, retain information 67% better than those who do not. There’s a reason flash cards are just as popular today as they ever were — they works, and they work well. Professors sometimes use this technique when introducing a new real estate topic, while many of our students use it as a go-to method when studying for the real estate exam.

 When you are on the go, studying for this real estate exam, flash cards can become your best friend and favorite tool. Let’s take a closer look at how flash cards actually help you learn and how you can use this classic technique.

Why Do Flash Cards Work?

When used correctly, these flash cards allow our real estate students to interact with test information in a way that makes it easier to retain.  These Flash cards are strategically worded and designed to enhance and encourage active recall.  

Practicing active recall creates stronger neural connections in the brain — making it a very effective method for improving memory. If your child struggles with certain flash cards, you can repeat those questions more frequently than the other cards to establish a better connection. This process is called confidence-based repetition, and scientific research shows it to be an extremely effective way to improve memory.

As you engage in active recall and confidence-based repetition,  these flash cards allow for another process called spaced repetition. This technique states that spacing out intervals between studying the same information again will increase the chances of recalling that information, and flash cards do this naturally.

As you run through your deck of cards, there will be a natural space of time before the same card appears again. Repeating that information after a period of time helps create permanent memories, whereas cramming and forcing the information in a short time doesn’t help it to stick. Flash cards also develop children’s meta-cognition, when they judge their own performance based on the number of cards they “get right” or remember.

Perhaps one of the best benefits of our flash cards is that you can use them without our/teacher support. Instead of being reliant on another person to ask questions or track answers, you can o study independently with these real estate test flash cards.