How Long Should You Study For Your Real Estate Exam

How Long Should You Study For Your Real Estate Exam

A lot less than you are probably thinking.

Two of the biggest mistakes I see our students make are..

Studying too many hours and becoming overwhelmed
Not studying the right material

The bottom line is you need to study just enough to pass.

I can hear you now, “no $hit!” but I can’t tell you how many of my students come to me wanting to make an “A” on the exam.

I can normally hold back my condescending remarks but it should be obvious when the test results say one of two things.

Pass or Fail.

I can tell you right now I have seen students who know the material better than me drop out of their new careers in less than six months while others who struggled to pass go on to make six-figures their first year.

So let me repeat, you only need to study as little as it takes to pass.

Now, there is a small caveat to what I am preaching.

I will admit some States are harder than others.

In some States, you need to know your real estate terms backwards and forwards.

What’s the deal with getting your real estate license in California, Florida, Texas or New Jersey?

I tell those guys “Hey, you have to work harder than if you were getting your license in Oklahoma“.

These questions dictate on how much time you need to pass your exam.

How many times can you take your real estate exam?
What is the pass rate of your States real estate exam?
What % does each section cover (this is a big one)?
What real estate exam prep are you using?

So when I hear..

How much time should I spend on each section of the real estate exam?

While this differs from State to State, here is a rough breakdown of the percentages for each section.

Property Ownership & Land Use
Laws Of Agency
Transfer of Property
And much more depending on your State

My suggestion is to use a real estate practice exam study guide to see what material you know well and what material you need more work on. When you are consistently hitting 75% on a section, I would move on.

There are no awards for a perfect score!

Any agent will tell you that the real education comes after you get your real estate license and start working with a Broker.

Lastly, embrace failure. We as humans can not grow unless we fail. When you are putting in long hours of study time, do so knowing that even if you fail, you don’t care.

This is just a small battle as you are engaging in this war.

Good luck!

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