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What are Prescriptive Easements?

What are Prescriptive Easements? Some of us may have used a property we do not own. But what if there comes a time when we no longer have access to

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Rectangular Survey System

The United States’ vast land area made it difficult to figure out its borders as the country grew westward back in the days. There was a need to have a

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Real Estate Terms

60 Real Estate Terms To Help You Become A Better Communicator I’ll get straight to the point. Understanding the basics and real estate definitions is important to have in your

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Easement In Gross

What is an Easement in Gross?   An easement in gross is the right to use another person’s land (legally) for as long as the holder of that easement is alive.  

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Market Data Approach

Are you an aspiring real estate agent studying for your real estate exam? I can assure you that understanding the sales comparison approach (market data approach) will be on your

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Puffing In Real Estate

4 Ways To Avoid Puffing Real-estate Agents Offering You Bad Deals   As a real-estate buyer, have you ever had a real estate agent go on and on about the

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Estate For Years

What Is An Estate For Years   An estate for years is just a type of leasehold estate.  Do not confuse this with any sort of physical ownership! An Estate For

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Littoral Rights

Littoral Rights Vs Riparian Rights Do you own property that is close to a water body?   Then you need to know about littoral rights.   “Littoral rights are the

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Fee Simple Defeasible

What Is Fee Simple Defeasible Depending on what part of the country you are from, Fee Simple Defeasible is also called a qualified fee estate, conditional fee estate, or a

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What Is a Freehold Estate?

Ahhhh! So you are studying for your real estate exam and need to know what a freehold estate is, huh? It’s one of the many real estate vocabulary words you

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Types Of Easements In Real Estate

What Are The Main Types of Easements? The legal right to use another person’s property (also known as a right of way) for a certain purpose refers to an easement.

dual agency
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What Is Dual Agency and Is it Illegal?

Dual Agency In layman’s terms, a duel agent (or dual agency) is someone who is representing the buyer and the seller at the same time.   Because dual agency is

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Appurtenances Real Estate

What is an Appurtenance?   When studying for your real estate exam, you will need to know an appurtenance is a noun and means something that is a part of

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Real Estate Contingencies

What does contingent mean in real estate? Homeownership offers personal and financial perks. Yet, the plunge into a real estate transaction requires considerable care. Once accepted by a seller, your

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Bilateral Contracts

What is a Bilateral Contract?   Contracts are an integral part of everyday life! Many times, people don’t even know they are participating in a contract. A bilateral contract is

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What Is An Attorney-In-Fact?

What is an Attorney in Fact In real estate and other endeavors, individuals or entities often need people to act on their behalf. Agents bring the time, experiences, resources and

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Ingress and Egress

What Do Ingress and Egress Mean In Real Estate?   Studying for your real estate exam or just curious about ingress and egress? Regardless, we can help!   Ingress and