Real Estate Agent Job Description

Real Estate Agent Job Description: Skills and Responsibilities

Starting a career in real estate can be enticing, especially if you’re the type to pursue one that offers flexible working hours. Being a real estate agent is a flexible job, and what also makes the profession appealing is how unique each day is.

Not only are you in control of your own time, but you can also get the job done anywhere. So, you might wonder, what does a real estate agent do on a typical day?

To get you started, we’ve listed everything you need to know about a real estate agent’s daily activities and job description.

Job Description

Before considering a real estate agent career, it’s important to understand the scope of the job, what responsibilities it entails, and how you can best fit the job description.

Here are some requirements to help you gauge in the role:

  • Proven working experience in the field of sales
  • Able to work independently combined with excellent interpersonal skills
  • Strong probing, negotiation and communication skills
  • Experience in conducting real estate events and showcasing properties
  • Pleasant and trustworthy attributes
  • Microsoft Office Familiarity
  • Real estate agent’s or broker’s license

What Are The Skills Needed To Be A Real Estate Agent?

It’s common to expect many unique challenges and opportunities in today’s competitive market.

For you to overcome these, you must first align yourself with the required skill set. Here are a number of favorable traits and characteristics of a real estate agent:

Deliver Excellent Customer Service

Delivering excellent customer service is at the top of the real estate agent job description to become a successful one.

It’s nice to exceed your clients’ expectations. Creating unique, memorable  honest experiences brands a relationship of trust with them.

Closing the deal remains a top priority, but you wouldn’t want to treat your clients like another transaction. Make sure you are protecting their best interests at all times (like with contingencies).

It helps to build your customer relationship on a personal level. Even the smallest efforts could go a long way when you make time to meet with them over coffee, or remember to greet them on birthdays.

Generate Business Leads

Gaining clients is a crucial aspect of a real estate agent job. This requires you to develop your own niche in the real estate market.

There are various ways you can cultivate your own business leads such as cold calling, email blasts, and prospecting in real estate events.

Networking is also an effective way to gain leads by word-of-mouth within your personal connections.

Compelling Communication Skills

Another significant aspect of the job is being able to connect with customers. Excellent communication helps you negotiate and close sales.

Whether it’s presenting your sales pitch or needing to advise clients, it all comes back to clear and effective communication.

Also, remember that communication is more than talking to your clients. It involves listening to them and reading into their body language during your interactions.

Showcase Properties, and Assist Buyers and Sellers

Successful real estate agents work well with both buyers and sellers. This is evident in their proven track record of happy clients and closed sales. However, we do not suggest working with buyers and sellers at the same time.

This would include meeting and understanding their needs and placing their interests above your own. It also requires you to showcase their properties to impress other buyers. Specifically through staging homes and conducting open houses.

Perform Competitive Market Analysis

The secret to staying one step ahead in the real estate field is to focus on your competition. Especially for newcomers in the market. It helps to ask: what are they doing better than me?Keeping tabs on your competitors and their sales strategies determine how you stay one step ahead of them.A great way to do this is by keeping up with the local and regional market conditions, as well as the real estate market news.

What other jobs can a real estate agent do?

Now that we’ve discussed the real estate agent job description, were you able to decide if you’ve matched the job qualities?

If by now you still think you haven’t, you don’t have to worry. A real estate agent is by no means the only associated job with the real estate industry.

There are many other careers to explore with a real estate license, other than buying and selling residential properties. In case you’re wondering what those might be, here are other options for you to consider:

  • Real estate managing broker
  • Commercial real estate agent
  • Real estate investor
  • Residential appraiser
  • Commercial appraiser

How do you describe a real estate agent on a resume?

Building a great real estate agent resume can set you apart from the competition, but what should you include? Here are some ideas that might help you:

  • Showcase your experience in helping clients buy, sell, and rent properties and any major success in this field
  • Successful marketing strategies you’ve deployed to attract your buyers
  • Specify which real estate events you’ve conducted such as open houses
  • Show your licensing information on your resume as part of your certifications
  • Include any specialized training you’ve undergone such as a mortgage broker training program


Given the real estate agent job description we’ve listed, we hope this will aid you to decide which aspect in the real estate field you want to jump in and pass your real estate exam

If you’re looking forward to starting your career immediately, you might also want to consult a real estate agent during their free time.

You can trust their insights if you’re curious to know more aside from job descriptions alone.

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