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rent concession

What Is a Rent Concession?

As a property owner, you might have come across the term “rent concession.” If you have a vacancy in one of your investment properties, this is something you might want

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Real Estate Agent Job Description

Real Estate Agent Job Description: Skills and Responsibilities Starting a career in real estate can be enticing, especially if you’re the type to pursue one that offers flexible working hours.


Squatters Rights: A Guide for Landlords

As a landlord, you should be aware of legal issues you could potentially encounter regarding your land. One such problem involves unauthorized occupants or squatters. Since squatters rights can be


What Is Agency by Ratification?

Have you ever made a decision on behalf of a friend? Were you authorized to do so? More importantly, was your friend happy about your (unsolicited) act of authority? In

blind offer

Blind Offer: Should I Go for One or Not?

Looking for a home in the market and having difficulty figuring out your schedule? Or perhaps you’re selling a house and came across a particular email. Frankly speaking, these blind

what does real estate agents do

What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?

Real estate agents help create the bridge to helping you find your next home or sell your current one. More than just helping you buy and sell homes, there are

release clause

What Is a Release Clause?

Real estate is all about sealing the deal. And when sealing a deal, you have to consider signing a lot of contracts. And simply put, going into these deals without

felon real estate
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Can A Felon Get A Real Estate License?

The short answer? It depends. A felony can place a serious dent in your background. But don’t lose hope. Not all crimes make a person ineligible for obtaining a real

effective age

Get to Know More About Effective Age

Between a house with creaking floors and dilapidating walls and a house with pretty furniture and sturdy walls, which feels more like a home to you? In real estate, this

highest and best use

Highest and Best Use

For the most part, regardless of what it is, we want to use what we own as best as they are capable. The same goes for real estate property. Purchasing

subject-to real estate

Subject-To Real Estate

While traditional approaches to real estate investment, such as financing a property through conventional mortgages or private money lenders do work, sometimes they may not be sufficient for your situation.


Habendum Clause

Perhaps you’ve attended a real estate meeting or a property closing  and came across the term, habendum clause. We have no doubts that you’re aware it’s an important part of

bargain and sale deed

Bargain and Sale Deed

When you’re looking to buy or sell property, you will encounter different types of deeds to facilitate the transfer of estate. Bargain and sale deeds are often used when you’re